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At Dynasource OA, we recognize the pivotal role that essential resources play in the success of Amazon sellers as they strive to outshine competitors and reach their business objectives. That's why we offer a meticulously curated collection of Recommended Tools. It's crucial to underscore that these are not our proprietary products or services; rather, they are tools and programs crafted by external companies that we wholeheartedly endorse to empower your triumph within the Amazon marketplace.

Product Research


Located beneath the product title on Amazon's Product Detail Pages, our real-time calculator offers customization, quick resource links, and data on ROI, profit margins, plus FBA and MFN sellers.
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Analyze Deals Instantly In One Click With The World’s Most Powerful Online Arbitrage FBA Calculator & Automated Deal Analysis Software
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Our flagship Product Research Chrome Browser Extension. The most powerful multi-function tool on the market. All the information you need on one screen. Great for Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale, and Private Label Sellers.
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Tactical Arbitrage

Our unique matching algorithms allow searching on not only the major department stores, but over 1000 lesser sourced stores as well.
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Jungle Scout

Make your selling journey easier with Jungle Scout’s helpful tools and tips. Save time managing your business so you can focus on taking it to the next level.
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See exactly how to choose profitable products, source items from suppliers, and market your business with step-by-step video courses and masterclasses created by 7-figure Amazon sellers.
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OA Buddy

See Which Sites Restrict Purchasing
Before Getting Blocked
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Helium 10

Accelerate the Growth of Your Business, Brand or Agency
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SellerAmp (SAS)

Easily understand key indicators that help you profitably source products to sell on Amazon, whether doing Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or wholesale. SAS analysis helps you quickly answer the key sourcing questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about our services and how we can assist you.


How does my billing works?

We offer two kinds of subscriptions: Billing is done depends on your selected type of subscription (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly). There are no long-term contracts or obligations meaning you can cancel your subscription anytime.

How often will my account be charged?

Dynasource OA has Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly subscription. You’ll be charged depending on your type of subscription.

Can I subscribe to multiple plan? or purchase multiple list?

You can subscribe to two or three plans.

Will I receive the deals everyday?

Your deals will be released to your Dynasource OA Account from Monday to Friday at 10 AM EST excluding December 25 and 31.

Do you consider inbound shipment as part of the cost of goods sold when calculating lead margins?

No, because of the different conditions of each seller, it is impossible to estimate additional costs for everyone. As a result, we settled a $4 minimum profit.

Subscription Details

How many people are allowed to subscribe to each list?

We limit all of subscriber with a maximum of 10 per list.

How frequently will my account be charged?

Monthly subscription will be charged. A week before the expiration date, you will be notified that you must renew.

Do I also require sourcing software?

No, if you choose to take advantage of our lead offer, we guarantee that 70% to 100% will be enough to get your Amazon account to generate decent or even high velocity sales on a daily basis. However, some sellers combine it in order to find more potential leads. If you're new to Amazon and have a large budget, we recommend getting them both; otherwise, Dynasource OA will probably be sufficient.

Will my subscription lead be shared with others?

Yes, we have a policy that each lead is only shared with a maximum of 10 Subscribers. We're doing this to be fair to our customers.

What Sets This Apart From Other Sourcing Sheet Services?

We ensure price steadiness that will allow sellers to enter into long-term or short-term positions fairly.

Quality of Leads

I'm concerned about a 'race to the bottom,' in which multiple vendors sell the same product, driving down prices and erasing profit margins. How am I going to avoid this?

This is a legitimate concern. And, while we can't guarantee that this will never happen, we're doing everything we can to reduce the chances of it happening to you: we keep our subscription lists as small as possible.
As previously stated, we limit our product-sourcing lists to a maximum of 10 subscribers.
Most of our rivals enable a list to have 25, 30, or even 50 subscribers. It's no surprise that there's a race to the bottom when everyone sees and uses the same leads.
Fewer competing sellers = considerably more profitability and sales stability with RoyalOA.

What technologies do Dynasource OA use to calculate earnings, ROI, BSR %, Sales Rank, and other critical metrics?

We use the following tools:
This is the major revenue calculator that AZINSIGHT uses to calculate profit, ROI, BSR percent, sales ranks, 30D,90D price and sales rank, and many other things.
We utilize Keepa to monitor actual product sales, pricing stability, the number of sellers, and many other crucial statistics.

Do you utilize promotional coupons or cashbacks? What are the technologies you're using?

Here are the Coupon tools we used:

What does Buybox Stability N/A, 30D, and 90D mean?

Buybox stability is determined by how long or short the Buybox is held. All prices are analyzed on Keepa to get the actual 30 day or 90 day average pricing.

N/A- is used when a given product still has a strong pricing potential, good stability, and is not priced unrealistically. This is simply to inform the seller that this is only valid for a limited time.
30D - is used when a certain product has a favorable pricing history for 30 days, so the seller may determine how long they will sell that specific product.
90D - is used when a certain product has a solid pricing history for 30 or 90 days, allowing the seller to pick how long they will sell that specific product.

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